it’s that simple.

you can quit your job.

you can go vegan.

you can delete your social media accounts.

you can start working out.

you can let go of a toxic relationship.

you can change career paths.

you can move across the country.

you can release the notion that you have to be someone that you simply are not.

you can.

All it takes is a decision.

Making a decision can be extremely difficult, I am not discrediting that. However, if you look at your decisions with the best possible outcome, it becomes easy.

I’m a recovering perfectionist. With the…

I had what feels like my first anxiety attack yesterday evening. My body temperature was escalating, I was shaking, nauseous and literally could not form a complete sentence.

I got home, took a hot shower, made some tea, took a Xanax (for the first time ever), ate a balanced meal, watched two silly movies with my best friend, went to bed at a reasonable hour, getting a decent amount of hours and woke up this morning still not feeling better.

I’m here to remind you that it is okay to feel overwhelmed and anxious about this so called return to…

How many times do you catch yourself saying, “There just aren’t enough hours in the day”?

Have you ever caught yourself coming out of a drawn out relationship thinking, “Well, I’m not getting those 2 years of my life back”?

Do you catch yourself lost in headspace thinking, “I want to go back to school” or “I want to learn how to play an instrument” or “Maybe I’ll get a that certification” but it’s too late for me?

Not to be the bearer of bad news, but it’s not your schedule that is preventing you from living your life; it’s…

my 30 before 30 list

For years, I’ve joked that once I hit 25 I was basically 30. My back hurts when I wake up everyday- what more can I say?

It’s really easy for me to get into my head and compare and question my journey: 29 and no husband. 29 and no mortgage. 29 and no baby. 29 and no health insurance or 401K. The list goes on.

In the remaining months of my 20s, I’d rather nourish the life that I lead and live into what I do have versus what I don’t, of course while having…

my love letter to new york

Dear NYC,

We need to talk.

I know I left, but it’s time you see it from my perspective. Keep your snarky comments to yourself and hear me out this once:

As I finished up the last of the lease paperwork on my Upper West Side apartment and drained my savings account from move-in costs on January 11, 2020, I said to myself, “The only way that I am moving out of this apartment is if one of three things happens: 1. I meet the love of my life and move in with them…

reflecting and learning about myself through COVID-19

Red Rocks (Denver, CO.)

I’ve been scouring the internet for scholarships to apply towards grad school tuition. This didn’t feel as daunting almost 15 years ago when I started seeking aid for my undergrad. I’m assuming the role of First Generation Graduate Student, but with that role comes an alarming financial responsibility.

Why did I decide to apply for grad school? Bold move. This trying and confusing time was a contributing factor. I know, I know, I want to stop talking about this past year just as much as the next person. …

don’t take yourself too seriously this February 14th, okay?


Y’all… it is just a day.

Why is it so easy to get your panties in a bunch over one day of the year?

Valentine’s Day: you either love it or… you loath it. Those indifferent find it satisfying watching people scramble at the grocery store last minute, arms full of gaudy junk or the bargain candy at CVS the following morning. While I enjoy both of these things, I also just see it as any ordinary day.

As long as I can remember, my Valentine’s Day has been spent in…

Are you feeling stuck? Join the club, we have jackets.

Which Are You?

I am Type A Personality. Almost to a fault. Think Monica from Friends or Katherine Heigl’s character in 27 Dresses. I love lists, having the last word and calling the shots. Everyone wanted to be partnered with me on group projects in school because I opted to do all of the work on their behalf. “It’ll get done this way. And we’ll get an A.”

In my early 20s, I was that person with the 5-Year and 10-Year plans that I strictly adhered to. I was on the phone with…

Seasonal Depression: I know we all feel it.

  • warning, use of profanity
Grey. Dreary. No Lake/Mountain Visibility. Still One Of My Favorite Hikes, To Date.

A friend of mine approached me this summer with a rather curious ask: “Would you be interested in spending the winter in Washington watching my puppy while I’m overseas?”

The initial thought that crossed my mind was, “ HELL YES, I could have peace, time to write and practice nourishing my skills, while exploring the wilderness and immersing myself in nature, all while not worrying about New York City rent. Sign me up.” Plus, it’s only temporary.

I’ve now been in Washington State now for almost three months…

I’ve always hated that phrase.

A Rare Late Winter Day in a Tank (The Highline-NYC)

“If I can make it there, I can make it anywhere.”

Everywhere has it challenges, don’t flatter yourself.

For me, New Year’s Day has been more than a holiday. Sure, it’s a fresh start, but I never make resolutions because they last three days and I never keep them. Still, January 1st is special: it marks another year hustling in the Big Apple.

On January 1st, 2016, I rolled up to my Astoria sublet in my 2005 Dodge Neon with two suitcases and a savings account cushioned by a summer’s worth of slinging Bud Lights…

Kayla Tomas

Welcome to my brain.

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